Replicating the Real World in a digital model


A Model-based Business Solution

Model-based means that all the components of a business - its structure, activities and resources - are linked by the relationships they have with one another. This is really important when it comes to making changes to the business. 

Digital Twin Model

  • A permanent repository of how a business works - one that is designed to be updated.
  • What you see in the model you can touch in real life - key to a successful automation. 
  • The structure, components and rules of real-world business.
  • The validity of any change is instantly verified across the whole organization.

Change Platform

  • Connects with the real world - to monitor and control actions.
  • Creates automated processes 'at the push of a button’.
  • Able to monitor and manage business transactions from end-to-end.
  • Transforms staff attitudes to change - seeing it as normal, an opportunity rather than a disruptive, existential threat. 

Internet of Things

  • The next step from automation - the ability to engage with all parts of business in real-time.
  • Gain huge savings by reducing the time and cost of business activity.
  • IoT requires next generation business systems - small agile integrated components rather than monolithic ERP software. 

White papers and case studies

Thought leadership in the role of Digital Twins in business

AP​TUMX and​ the Digital Twin

APTUMX distils the structure and rules of real-world business into a Digital Twin.

Modelling business with a Digital Twin

A true Digital Twin is a rare thing but its impact on business is transformative.

Business's new Bestie

For business, having a Digital Twin Model is fundamental to its future development.

Changing in the dark

Why a formal definition of how business operates is critical to successful change.

Making Consulting sticky for a change

Change is now business as usual creating a new market opportunity for consultants.

Why Digital Twin Modeling is better than Business Process ​Mapping

The arrival of 5G and the IoT make this an increasingly important question to answer.  The Digital Twin's time has come.

There is no new normal

The world will be different in the future, and it will keep changing.

How a Digital Twin Model works for business

The Digital Twin Model solves the problem of change failure by empowering the people who know what to change

Keeping it Real - staying ahead with a Digital Twin

Successful change comes from the accurate communication you get from using real world models to describe what is needed.

To Be or not To Be

We have to look at describing business the way it really works if we want automation to succeed.

Changing the way we change

If companies don’t change the way they change, they won’t be able to tap the huge opportunities being unlocked by the surge of new technology.


Enterprise application software is dying. 

The process of software development is too lengthy, too prone to error and too fragile

Get Real with Real-time 

Real-time Enterprise Systems are the next generation of business management software and the key to business transformation.